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Dance with My Darling


‘Dance’ was released in November 2020.  Special thanks to Brian Panunzio (Drums), Cory Clark (bass), and Dennis Woodard (producer and engineer).  It’s got a great groove and you can sample it above, just click on the volume symbol at the top.  

Calm at Night


‘Calm at Night’ is all about cherishing those relaxing moments after hectic days.  

My Wife Gave Me Pink Eye (And Don’t Even Care)


Brittany gave David pink eye, thus this song had to be written.  Click here for the audio that David recorded the morning he woke up with pink eye.  This audio would come to be the basis of the song.  



Brittany and David love the classics, from Sinatra and Nat King Cole, to the Beatles.  We write music we love to hear. Add us to your Spotify Playlist!



Brittany directs, shoots and edits our music videos.  We have a lot of fun showcasing our tunes.

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Our music is available for purchase and streaming on iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Pandora, and Google Play.

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